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Autor:  JoRev [ Jue Nov 24, 2005 4:34 pm ]
Asunto:  Swamp Buggy

Monster Garage Swamp Buggy
Noviembre 2005 actualizado en Noviembre 2011


Antes de que él comenzara el trabajo sobre este VW Beetle, Jesse pasó a través de un programa de televisión sobre como sobrevivir si su auto se sumerge debajo del agua. ¿Coincidencia afortunada ... o totalmente irrelevante?

El Equipo de construcción

» Jesse James, constructor/diseñador de motocicletas, Long Beach, California.
» Ricky Hsu, diseñador de autos, Gardena, California.
» Brian Jendro, modificador de autos, Temecula, California.
» John Krawczyk, soldador y escultor, Malibu, California.
» Tom Prewitt, pintor de encargo, Damon's Motorcycle Creations, Brea, California.
» J.D. Streett, supervisor de efectos especiales, Shadow Hills, California.
» Christy Sumner, técnico de efectos especiales, Los Angeles, California.
» Ronnie Thibodaux, diseñador/constructor, Centerville, La.
» John Uribe, instructor de automecanica, Reseda, California.

2000 Volkswagen Beetle Specs
» Motor de 4 cilindros de 2.0 litros
» 115 caballos de fuerza
» Transmisión automática

Monster Machine Specs
motor plateado por cromo VW de 110 caballos de fuerza refrigerado por aire.
aircraft propeller
liquid closed-cell foam
pintura House of Kolor

Para convertir el Volkswagen New Beetle en un barco de pantano (swamp boat), el equipo tuvo que instalar un motor airboat; para crear el espacio para este motor adicional (que no es una hazaña fácil!), ellos modificaron el interior del auto, eliminando el asiento de atrás y la mayor parte de los paneles de cofre. Ellos entonces instalaron el segundo motor VW, con un pequeño propulsor de avioneta conectado. Ellos también llenaron los paneles de cuerpo del coche con una espuma de cellado líquida, que se endureciá, para que el vehiculo pueda flotar.

Una vez que su transición funcional era completada, el auto recibia una capa de sellador primer blanco, seguido de una capa de color blanco bajo. Entonces el pintor mezcla tres capas de base perla-naranja diferentes y una capa de base de perla rosado y aplica la mezcla. Dos capas de perla de oro-hielo fueron añadidos, y concluya con el proceso con una capa transparente. Este New Beetle fue construido en tan sólo una semana por el equipo de Jesse James con un presupuesto de $3,000 (sin contar el costo del auto). Para obtener dinero extra, Jesse James vendió los asientos de atrás, el asiento del pasajero, el sunroof y el cristal por internet por $700. Inicialmente, el auto le pertenecia a Thom Beers quien era el productor y narrador del programa.

Este episodio fue lanzado al aire el 23 de junio de 2002. Este fue el tercer episodio de la primera temporada del programa. Según Jesse James, este es el auto más dificil que ha construido.





Autor:  DaNiA- [ Jue Nov 24, 2005 10:04 pm ]

a la verdad q hay personas con una imaginacion tremenda!! :pensando:

Autor:  CONDE [ Dom Mar 12, 2006 12:48 am ]

que nice eso es un aqua beetle. :Punk:

Autor:  alexis_nb [ Dom Ago 15, 2010 11:43 pm ]
Asunto:  Re: Swamp Buggy

Video del Swamp Buggy en accion!

Video del episodio completo de Monster Garage de como lo crearon!

Autor:  RAMSAYO [ Lun Ago 16, 2010 12:01 am ]
Asunto:  Re: Swamp Buggy

:boricua: lo más que me gusta es el color naranja, lo demas que PORQUERIIIIAA esa fue la primera vez que la cago, despues fue el pegarselas a Sandra Bullock :thumbdown:

Autor:  JoRev [ Sab Nov 26, 2011 6:51 pm ]
Asunto:  Re: Swamp Buggy

Después de más de 9 años ahora esta en Volkyland.

El Swamp Buggy fue subastado através de eBay. Según los datos de la subasta el carro estuvo almacenado por bastante tiempo. Después de que la primera temporada del programa saliera del aire, el carro estuvo de gira junto a los otros vehiculos de Monster Garage. Al tiempo, se mantuvo en el museo Petersen en Los Angeles, California por un tiempo y después fue devuelto a sus dueños. Después de que cancelaron el programa Monster Garage, el carro fue colocado en un almacén en Burbank, CA. La mayoría de los autos construidos en Monster Garage fueron vendidos en la subasta "Barrett Jackson Auto Auction" excepto el Swamp Buggy. Luego fue vendido a una persona en Ohio en el 2008 fuera de la vista pública. Ahora el Swamp Buggy fue colocado en subasta en eBay que incluía otro New Beetle 2002 Amarillo para piezas para el Swamp Buggy. Fue vendido por $9,000 adquirido por el Dr. Norman Gonzáles para Volkylandia en Yauco, Puerto Rico.


Información de la subasta:
This sale is for the famous SWAMP BUGGY built on the MONSTER GARAGE TV show. This
is the second time listing as I ended the original listing early. For the many who
saw it before let me point out several changes. When I listed the car before it was
listed in the parts catagory. That equates the listing fees of .20 for parts to
$106.00 for vehicle listing. Listing in the parts catagory saw limited exposure by
not being in the correct catagory. Besides ebay hates someone saving money. The
listing is now in the correct area. Being in the vehicles catagory ebay requires
more info pertaining to the personal id of the vehicle. I listed the car as a 1980.
It is not. It is a 2000. The reason is I would like to keep the vin private. I have
also posted more pics but just like before the car is stored and due to the lack of
light and room around the car it almost impossible to to get any good pictures. The
two pics of the car on the hauler were taken when the car was moved to a different
area in the complex. I have also included more interesting factoids. Hope you
enjoy. This is THE famous Swamp Buggy. This car was an early build. Season 1
episode 3. Being only the third car built on the show it was one of the hardest to
do according to Jessie James and the crew. The challenge was to take a New Beetle
and make it run and drive as normal then pull into a lake and run on water like an
air boat. They had $3000. to do it and it had to look stock. Jessie James shows his
true jack of all trades ability and did much of the custom metal work on this car.
The control panel instructions that starts the motor and operates the hydraulic ram
that moves the rear BRAND NEW twin carb 250 HP VW engine in and out is said to be
in Jessies own hand writing. Another interesting factoid. The Beetle was owned by
Thom Beers. He was the producer of Monster Garage and also its narrator. He has
produced many pop culture reality shows such as Ice Road Truckers, Deadliest Catch
and more recent Storage Wars. The Swamp Buggy challenge was successful. If you know
the show and followed the rules this is the very car. If it wasn't it would have
been blown up and distroyed! After being built and the show became more popular
this car and several others (the Mustang GT lawnmower) went on an extensive
publicity tour for the Discovery Channel and had its own turnstyle display. The
Swamp Buggy was even displayed at the Peterson Museum. After which the car was
brought back to the garage and can be seen in many of the later episodes in the
background just hanging out and looking cool. You can clearly see it in the figure
eight 1970 ElCamino episode. Sadly, when the show bit the dust. The cars were
stored in a wearhouse in Burbank Ca. When it was decided to sell at Barrett Jackson
all but about 6 vehicles went to auction. This car was retained and was not part of
the auction nor was it available to the public for sale. It is also noted that all
of the vehicles sold at BJ were sold on a bill of sale and came with NO title.
Different story here the Swamp Buggy has a title. Since my purchase and arriving to
Ohio in '08 it went straight from the inclosed carrier to my wearhouse where it
remains. I am very private. It has never been out in the public. Never been to a
show and very few people even know the car is in Ohio (untill now) I had planned on
getting it out and showing it. At one point having fun with it or loaning it for
promotional use or to advertise my business. With my busy schedule I have not done
anything. I have not tried to start or operate it. The condition of the car is just
the same as it was on TV including the House of Colors paint by legend Tom Prewit
(Tom only painted the early cars) It does have minor cosmetic issues from being in
storage. It will need cleaned and detailed and minor touchup here and there. In a
sale two are always better than one so this sale includes another New Beetle. A
2002 that I picked up as a parts car if I ever needed anything for the Swamp Buggy.
New Beetles are expensive in any condition so this is a great bonus. While the
show was on the air it was a huge hit. It spawned many books,toys and DVDs and
merchandise that document this car. Infact Montster Garage the Video game (PS2) you
can actually drive the Swamp Buggy. Inside Monster Garage the book there is even a
free poster with Jessie James with this car. You can find info about this car all
over the web. This is an excellent opportunity to own one of the most famous and
remembered of all the Monster TV show cars. It is a one of one and there is no
other. Would make a great advertising, promo vehicle or show vehicle. I will sell
extra a custom open 2011 Featherlite trailer to haul the bad little car. I am
cleanning my wearhouse and need the space. The buy it now price is a giveaway price
for a Please feel free to email any questions and hope you enjoyed the ad.
Thanks, Dee.real Monster Car. You can shoot me an offer or I may trade plus cash or you
tell me.


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